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Smangus, Jianshi, Jianshi Township, Hsin

Smangus is located at 1,500 meter altitude in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County. In the deep forest m

Yulao Lookout, Jianshi Township, Hsinchu

Yulao is a 50 minutes more driving into mountains from Neiwan and is considered as the only way of c

Xiangshan Wetlands, Xiangshan District,

The Xiangshan intertidal zone between the Guanyaxikou and Namgang Wuminggou was formally listed as p

Nanliao Port, North District, Hsinchu Ci

Nanliao Fishing Port is located at the what is now known as the Old Fishing Port along the 17 km coa

Tofu Rocks, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County,

Transformed by the red glint of dawn, the concrete wave breakers in the middle of Hsinchu County’s T

Leofoo Village Theme Park, Guanxi Townsh

Located in the Guanxi Township of Hsinchu, Leofoo Village is an amusement park that has rides for th

Neiwan Old Street, Hsinchu County, Hengs

Neiwan Old Street is in south-eastern Hsinchu county’s Hengshan township and next to Jianshi the bea

Neiwan Scenic Area, Hengshan Township, H

Enjoying pleasant weather, Neiwan Scenic Area is encircled by tall hills and run through with Youluo