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Djibouti | Ethiopia Border Crossing R

Djibouti | Ethiopia Border Crossing - Dewele | Eija Guelile

Doraleh Beach, Djibouti

It´s also called French beach because all french militaries based in Djibouti choose this beach to t

Grand Bara, Djibouti

It consists of large areas of sand flats, with sparse, semi-desert and desert grasses and scrub vege

Khor Ambado Beach, Djibouti

One of the best relaxation spots where you can enjoy a variety of water activities such as snorkelin

Assamo Protected Area, UNESCO, Djibouti

The terrestrial natural area of Assamo is located in the region of Ali-Sabieh (South-East of the Rep

Ghoubbet-el-Kharab, Djibouti

Ghoubbet El Kharab is a cove of about 200m depth frequented by divers. It has a range of sea life an

Boura Mountains, Djibouti

The Boura Mountains are a mountain range in Djibouti. With a mean peak height of 1,037 metres is the

Ardoukoba Volcano Vents, Djibouti

Ardoukôba is a fissure vents volcano in Djibouti. Located on the coast 100 kilometers from Djibouti