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Mirbat Castle, Mirbat, Dhofar Region, Om

Mirbat Castle is a square multi-story structure which, in 1972, sat adjacent to and was part of a se

Prophet Imran Masjid And Tomb,  Salalah,

Prophet Umran's grave is located in Salalah inside the mosque grounds. It's a peaceful mid-sized mos

Al Balid Archeological Site,  Salalah, D

Al Baleed Archaeological Park is an open air Archaeological site across the Arabian Sea and adjacent

Museum Salalah, Salalah, Dhofar Governor

The Salalah Museum is notable for its rich collection of inscriptions on large stone slabs and rocks

Land of Frankincense Museum, UNESCO Site

The frankincense trees of Wadi Dawkah and the remains of the caravan oasis of Shisr/Wubar and the a

Prophet Hood’s Tomb, Dhofar Govern

The tomb is 3 metres long and 1.5 metres high. Prophet Hood was cited 7 times in the Holy Qur’an.

Taqa Castle, Dhofar Region, Dhofar Gover

Taqah Castle is the most popular castle to visit in the region of Dhofar in the South of Oman. Taqa

Samahram Old City, Samharam,  Dhofar Gov

Located in Dhofar Governorate and is known to be part of the frankincense road.