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Barzan Towers

Beautiful historic watchtowers were used for scanning the desert for enemy invaders

mapMarkerGrey Barzan Towers, الشحانية، Qatar...

Khorgo Trekhiin Tsagaan Nuur, Mongolia

Located in what is known as the ‘Switzerland’ of Mongolia, Arkhangai Province, this national park ho

Flame Towers, Baku, Azerbaijan

Flame Towers is a trio of skyscrapers in Baku, Azerbaijan, including the tallest in the country, wit

Taskent, Uzbekistán

Tashkent – Uzbekistan’s capital – was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1966, while the count

Mutso & Mutso Castle, Georgia

Mutso, a medieval castle town in eastern Georgia, is currently listed among the most endangered hist

Baiterek Tower,Astana, Kazakhstan

Bayterek is a monument and observation tower in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan.