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Khwarezm 50 Fortresses, Uzbekistán

Visiting Khwarezm today, all that remains of many sites are the foundations of city walls and buildi

Outer City Wall,  Jiva, Uzbekistán

Located in the city of Khiva, Itchan Kala also spelled Ichan Qa’la was an important stepping stone a

Urgench, Uzbekistán

Among the sights of Urgench stands out the monument to the great mathematician and the founder of Al

Dvorets Tash-Khauli, Khiva, Uzbekistán

The palace Tash-Khovli was built in the eastern part of the inner city. This complex of a building w

Topraq-Kala, Beruniy District, Uzbekistá

oprak Kala is the ruin of a large fortified palace dating from the 1st or 2nd centuries CE through t

Allakuli Khan Caravanserai,  Jiva, Uzbek

The madrasa was built in the years 1834-1835 with money from Allakuli Khan, who at that time ruled i

Ayaz-Kala Museum, Uzbekistán

On the colorful cliffs of one the Sultauizdag eastern spurs, in the Kyzyl Kum desert there survived