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Ustyurt National Preserve, Kazakhstan

The Ustyurt Reserve is situated in the West of Kazakhstan in the territory of one of the most remark

Ustyurt Plateau, Kazakhstan

The Ustyurt Plateau, also spelled Ust-Yurt, Ust-Urt and Usturt, is a central Asian plateau in Uzbeki

Valley of Balls, Shetpe, Kazakhstan

Mysterious spherical rocks in the semi-desert of western Kazakhstan.

Sherkala Mountain, Kazakhstan

Sherkala is a mountain in Mangystau Province, western Kazakhstan, close to the town of Shetpe.

Mangystau Peninsular, Kazakhstan

Mangyshlak or Mangghyshlaq Peninsula is a large peninsula located in western Kazakhstan.

Atyrau International Airport, Kazakhstan

Atyrau Airport in Kazakhstan is a bit different, as its low elevation is what sets it apart from the