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Sulima Fishing Village, Sierra Leone

Sulima is a small coastal fishing village lying on the Sierra Leonean side of the border.

Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone

Sherbro Island, island in the Atlantic Ocean off the southwestern coast of Sierra Leone, separated from the African mainland.

Ferry Port Bachal to Turtle Island, Si

Turtle Islands are an exciting destination in Sierra Leone. Isolated islands, coconut trees, surreal sand bars, in one of the few truly remote places left in the world. Apart

Turtle Island Sanctuary, Sierra Leone

Turtle Islands is part of the Sulu Archipelago which is composed of approximately 400 islands of varying shapes and sizes.

Turtle Islands, Sierra Leone

The Turtle Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean, located west of Sherbro Island in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone.

Ferry Port Turtle Islands, Sierra Leone

A group of eight islands off the southwest peninsular, the Turtle Islands are idyllic and are in habited by fishing communities.