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Alangyi Historic Trail, Guanhaiting, Mud

The 8 kilometer-long Alangyi Historic Trail is a path that travels along the wild and beautiful sout

Jiupeng Desert, Pingtung County, Taiwán

Jiupeng Desert is a long sandy beach in Pingtung, Manzhou Township. It's home to the largest sand du

Gangkou Suspension Bridge, Manzhou Towns

This long red & white suspension bridge for pedestrians offers scenic river views.

Manzhou Beach, Hengchun Township, Pingtu

Located on the east coast of the wind blowing sand north of the border between Hengchun and Manchuri

Longpan Park, Taiwan

With a wide range of grassland, Longpan is lying between Jiae road and the Pacific Ocean, and is a s

Southernmost Point of Taiwan

Taiwan Southernmost Point is the southernmost point of Taiwan located in Kenting National Park, Heng

Sail Rock, Hengchun Township, Pingtung C

Large outcropping of a large coral rock in the ocean, said to resemble former U.S. President Nixon.