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Chateau In The Air, Sanyi Township, Miao

Situated in the hidden forested hills of Miaoli, Chateau-in-the-Air is truly a castle worth visiting

Shei-Pa National Park, Tai’an Town

Shei-Pa National Park is a national park located in the central part of Taiwan around the peaks of H

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Sanyi Towns

The Taiwanese history of wood carving began during the Ming and Qing dynasties. As Tainan, Lukang an

Flying Cow Ranch, Tongxiao Township, Mia

Located in the Tongxiao Township of Miaoli, Flying Cow Ranch is the best destination for parents to

Tongluo Tea Factory, Tongluo Township, M

Copper Tea Factory is located in Tonglu Township, Miaoli County, and is one of the five tea factorie

Miaoli Hakka Culture Park, Tongluo Towns

Located within Tongluo Science Park, Miaoli Hakka Culture Development Center has attracted millions

Haowangjiao,  Houlong Township, Miaoli C

Situated at the highest peak of the hills along the coast,Haowangjiao offers a spectacular panoramic

Miaoli Hakka Round House,  Houlong Towns

Hakka tulou, a large-scale Chinese rural dwelling distributed in Fujian, is considered the best repr