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Jerash Museum, Gerasa, Jerash Governorat

The first archaeological museum was established in Jerash in 1923, where the vault of the Artemis te

Arch of Hadrian, Jerash, Jerash Governor

The Arch of Hadrian is an ancient Roman structure in Jerash, Jordan. It is an 11-metre high triple-a

Hippodrome, Jerash, Jerash Governorate,

This massive arena was 245m long and 52m wide and could seat 15,000 spectators at a time for chariot

South Gate, Jerash, Jerash Governorate,

Two hundred metres north of the hippodrome is the imposing South Gate, which was likely constructed

Olive Press, Jerash, Jerash Governorate,

It is impossible to travel in the Middle East without grasping the deep sense of agricultural histor

Church of Procopius, Gerasa, Jerash Gove

This church was erect in the VI century, under the supervision of an officer named procopius, in the

Temple of Zeus, Jerash Governorate, Jord

Located in a valley surrounded by fertile hills, the city of Jerash was settled around the seventh m

Propylaeum of the Sanctuary of Zeus, Jer

The sanctuary, located on top of a hill towering above the city, was preceded by a monumental stairw