Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 Voices

Visiting 21 locations across the region, we listened carefully to the people of the West Midlands to understand what their hopes and expectations are of the Games. Through school and community focus groups, roadshows, surveys and interviews, we’ve documented more than 1000 voices from across the region. We discovered that local people love this region for its cultural diversity and look forward to showing the world how Birmingham has evolved from the workshop of the industrial revolution, to a global powerhouse of innovation and creativity.

Birmingham Commonwealth Games Brand Development

To develop the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games brand, we looked to the people of the West Midlands. Following focus groups, community consultations and rigorous testing, we created a vision to unite the whole region and present the unique stories of every community. Birmingham 2022 will shine a light on this vibrant corner of the Commonwealth and work to improve health and wellbeing. This is an event that will help the West Midlands to grow and succeed, be a catalyst for change, and foster the spirit of friendship, athleticism and competition. This is a Games for everyone, a level playing field for men and women with a fully integrated para-sports programme, and a huge emphasis on the Commonwealth’s youth. There is no better stage to showcase the world’s most inclusive, fair and progressive multi-sport event.

Birmingham Commonwealth Games Merchandise

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