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Kilitbahir Castle, Kilidülbahir Köyü, Ec

The clover-shaped Kilitbahir Castle was then built in 1462 on the southern point of today’s Gallipol

Kilitbahir Ferry Boat, Kilidülbahir Köyü

Kilitbahir Ferry Boat, Kilidülbahir Köyü, Eceabat, Çanakkale, Turkey

Kabatepe Kumsali Beach, Eceabat,  Çanakk

Kabatepe means rough hill in turkish language ans located in Gallipoli Peninsula.

Komur Limanı Beach, Değirmendüzü Köyü, G

Great place to dive. You swim in many sea creatures. The sea is pretty clean. People come for amateu

Bigal Castle, Eceabat, Canakkale, Turkey

Bigalı Castle which is placed into the 10 km long part of the road is seen on the way from Eceabat t

Küçükanafarta Village, Eceabat, Canakkal

A small Turkish village the perfect place to experience the culture and hospitality of traditional W

Akbaş Kalesi, Yalova Köyü, Eceabat,  Çan

The castle is located on the skirts of Uluflu Hill, west of Akbas Cemetery. It is the second narrowe

Conk Bayiri Mehmetcik Park Aniti Kemalye

Çanakkale Kemal Yeri Monument: Located on the right side of the road between Conkbayırı - Kocadere V