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Bosaso, Somalia

The main and largest harbor in all of Somalia, this city of 700,000 has boomed considerably in the y

Mount Bahaya, Somalia

Mount Bahaya, also known as Mount Karkoor, is the fourth-tallest mountain in Somalia, after the trip

Cape Hafun, Somalia

Ras Hafun is home to numerous ancient structures and ruins.

Iskušuban, Somalia

One of the major attractions in the autonomous region of Puntland in the northern reaches of Somalia

Karkaar, Somalia

Karkaar is a mountain range that ranges from Somalia's northwestern border with Ethiopia, until Cape

Garowe, Somalia

Garoowe is the municipal center of the autonomous state of Puntland, which claims hegemony over the

Laas Geel Jire, Somalia

Laas Geel, also spelled Laas Gaal, are cave formations on the rural outskirts of Hargeisa, Somalilan