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Tiwi Beach, Pebbles Beach, Ash Sharqiyah

The first real magnet on the coast south of Mombasa is Tiwi Beach, which lies a couple of kilometres

Pebbles Beach, Ash Sharqiyah Governorate

The sea looks fantastic with two to three colors. The crystal clear waters would be ideal for swimmi

Wadi Shab, Tiwi, Ash Sharqiyah Governora

Wadi Shab also spelled Wadi Shaab, is a very popular wadi located in the Al Sharqiyah Region in Oman

Wadi Tiwi, Tiwi, Ash Sharqiyah Governora

Wadi Tiwi is a wadi in Al Sharqiyah region, adjacent to the very popular Wadi Shab but unique in its

Tiwi Lake Bridge, Tiwi, Ash Sharqiyah Go

Tiwi Lake Bridge is located in Tiwi, Ash Sharqiyah North ,Oman.One of the best wadis in Oman and eas

Qalhat Beach, Qalhat, Ash Sharqiyah Gove

Qalhat Beach is located in Qalhat ,Ash Sharqiyah North ,Oman.Roughly a two-hour drive from Muscat, Q

Qalhat, UNESCO Site, Muscat, Ash Sharqiy

It is one of the most spectacular locations to be found along the coast stretching between Muscat an

Bibi Maryam Mausoleum, Ash Sharqiyah Gov

The tomb of Bibi Maryam, also known as ‘The Mausoleum of Lady Maryam’, is located just next to the h