The Great Mosque, Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey 

The Grand Mosque, which covers an area of 2215 square meters, consists of 5 sections each with four dome. The dome in the middle of almost 20 equally large dome was made open. The dripping rain drops entering the middle dome of the wall covered up in the pool and the light illuminated the mosque. Today, when the dome is covered with glass cloth, it has lost the function of collecting rain water, but the task of lighting continues.

There is an 18 cornered fountain with a pool under the middle dome. One of the characteristics of the Grand Mosque is the story of how to make a fountain: When the land is being expropriated for the construction of the mosque, the lady who owns the piece of land at the place where the fountain is located, did not want to sell its land and the land was forcibly taken. Later, however, the festival was made with the thought that it would not be a prayer in the place where it was taken forcibly. It is a suspicious story when the fader is thought to consist of only 65 square meters.

The gigantic dimensions of the fountain and its walls are characteristic of the Grand Mosque. Today Ulu Mosque has 45 plates and 87 wall writings made by 21 calligraphers.

The crown door made by Mehmet the Devil Abdülaziz son of the Great Mosque, the hardwood wreath made from hard walnut wood without any nails is a masterpiece. The pulpit represents the universe. The solar system is embossed on it. The planets, the distances to the sun and the proportions of their size are correctly placed.

Epic Turkey Culture & Adventure Route © Monika Newbound

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