The Palais-Royal has played a significant role in French history and culture. Today, it stands as both a historical monument and a vibrant public space. Visitors can explore the gardens, enjoy cultural events, and appreciate the architectural and artistic elements that make the Palais-Royal a unique destination in Paris.

The Palais Royal was built in 1639 for Cardinal Richelieu, who was the Chief Minister to Louis XIII. After Richelieu died, the building was passed to the king, and many members of the French royal family lived in the palace over the next centuries. It was also sometimes a place of refuge for foreign royalty, and the wife and daughter of Charles I lived here after he was deposed.

There was a theatre in the east wing that was used by Molière’s theatre troupe in the late 17th century. Many of his plays were staged there, too. During the French Revolution, the palace was a centre of political intrigue and hosted Jacobin and anti-royalist meetings. The colonnades were added in the 19th century to make space for shops. Today, they house some of Paris’s most exclusive brands.

The area around the Palais Royal is known for its elegant arcades and exclusive boutiques. In the 1st arrondissement, the chic Palais-Royal area takes its name from the 17th-century Palais-Royal, a former palace with a contemporary art-filled park. Its arcades house posh fashion boutiques, and the famed Le Grand Véfour restaurant where Napoleon courted Joséphine. The nearby Japanese quarter, centered on Rue Sainte-Anne, is known for ramen, while Molière’s plays are staged at the Comédie Française theater.

Palais Royal – The area around the Palais Royal is known for its elegant arcades and exclusive boutiques. The Palais Royal itself houses shops like Stella McCartney and Pierre Hardy. The Palais-Royal, originally called the Palais-Cardinal, was built for Cardinal Richelieu in the 17th century. After his death, it became the property of the French crown. The palace consists of a series of wings surrounding a garden courtyard. It has played a significant role in French history and culture.

Notably, the Palais-Royal housed various French royalty, including Louis XIV and Cardinal Mazarin. During the French Revolution, the palace became a public space and a center for political and social activities. The Galerie d’Orléans, a shopping gallery with arcades, was added to the complex during this time.

Today, the Palais-Royal is known for its beautiful gardens, cultural institutions, and the Conseil d’État (Council of State) and the Ministry of Culture located within the palace. The gardens are a popular destination for both locals and tourists, offering a peaceful retreat in the heart of Paris. The surrounding area also features theaters, shops, and restaurants, making it a vibrant part of the city.

  1. lais-Royal Palace: Originally built as the Palais-Cardinal by Cardinal Richelieu in the 17th century, it later became the residence of the French royal family, particularly under Louis XIV. The palace has undergone modifications over the years.
  2. Gardens: The Palais-Royal is renowned for its beautiful gardens, which are open to the public. The gardens feature elegant alleys, sculptures, and fountains. They provide a peaceful retreat in the heart of Paris.
  3. Colonnes de Buren: One of the notable modern additions to the Palais-Royal is the art installation known as the Colonnes de Buren. Created by artist Daniel Buren, this work consists of black and white striped columns in the inner courtyard of the palace.
  4. Comédie-Française: The Théâtre du Palais-Royal is part of the complex and has been home to the renowned Comédie-Française, one of the oldest and most famous theaters in the world.
  5. Cafés and Shops: The arcades surrounding the gardens house a variety of shops, cafés, and galleries, making it a lively area for both locals and tourists.


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