Golosov Ravine, Moscow, Russia 

This ravine cut the Kolomenskoye National Park in two parts. The historical sights of the park are on one side of the ravine, while a space of over a hundred hectares on the other side of the ravine is almost untouched. On the untouched side of the ravine only the Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist is located. There are many legends and mystic stories related with that part of the park, and the Golosov Ravine properly is acknowledged to be one of the most anomalous areas in the Central Russia.

Both the numerous measurements of enthusiasts and the tests of psychics, as well as the scientific investigations of the General Physics Institute prove the electromagnetic field of the earth is significantly increased in the ravine. All the way along the ravine the level of electromagnetic radiation is 12 times above the standard, and about the stones it is 27 times above the standard.

There are many legends about the people who were lost in the ravine and then appeared several decades later. We are talking primarily of the famous story about the mounted part of Devlet Giray. Even exact dates are mentioned. In 1621 in the vicinity of Kolomenskoye there was spotted a party of Tatar horsemen. Having been captured they affirmed that they took the field in 1571. Escaping, they rode into the Golosov Ravine when it was filled with greenish mist and left it only 50 years later. The similar stories are told about the inhabitants of nearby villages who also were lost in the mist and appeared several years later. All this does not come near the truth, though, now there is no sense in looking for documentary proofs of these stories. The fact that this is an anomalous area is beyond any doubt.

A stream flows along the bottom of the ravine that empties into the Moscow river. The stream takes its rise from several springs of the ravine, 500 meters from the spot where it falls into the river. All the year round the temperature of the water in the stream is 4 degrees, and though the stream is very small, it never freezes up. Even at the time of sever frost when the Moscow river is completely frozen, the water freely flows in the stream.

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