Galerie Perrotin

The Galerie Perrotin stands as an illustrious bastion of contemporary art with a commanding global presence, a vision brought to fruition by the visionary Emmanuel Perrotin. Its inception traces back to the year 1989, amidst the cultural tapestry of Paris, France, and has since unfurled its artistic eminence across the metropolises of New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Galerie Perrotin, a paragon of distinction, is celebrated for curating a diverse array of contemporary art. This kaleidoscopic ensemble spans paintings, sculptures, installations, and multimedia works, all crafted by a roster of internationally acclaimed artists, thus enriching the global discourse on contemporary artistic expression.

Extending its artistic embrace beyond the confines of Paris, Galerie Perrotin has emerged as a luminary on the international stage. Its strategically positioned spaces in major cities across the globe echo a commitment to nurturing cross-cultural artistic dialogues and propelling emerging and established artists into the limelight on a global scale.

Each gallery space, meticulously conceived and executed, is a testament to Galerie Perrotin’s dedication to providing a dynamic and immersive milieu for art exhibitions. The thoughtful layout and design of these spaces synergize to elevate the visitor’s experience, fostering a profound appreciation for contemporary art.

Galerie Perrotin distinguishes itself through a curatorial ethos that is both innovative and thought-provoking. The gallery consistently presents avant-garde and intellectually stimulating works of art, transcending the conventional boundaries of artistic expression and engaging thoughtfully with contemporary issues.

At the heart of Galerie Perrotin’s dynamism lies its fervent collaboration with artists, institutions, and fellow galleries. These partnerships transcend the ordinary, giving rise to unique and impactful projects that further burnish the gallery’s standing as a crucible for creativity and cultural exchange.

The Luminary Emmanuel Perrotin: Emmanuel Perrotin, as the sagacious founder and propelling force behind the gallery, assumes a pivotal role in shaping its indomitable identity and resounding success. His visionary stance on contemporary art and steadfast commitment to championing artists have proven instrumental in perpetuating the gallery’s enduring influence.

Galerie Perrotin emerges as a cultural beacon, seamlessly bridging continents and establishing profound connections between artists and diverse audiences. With an unwavering dedication to artistic innovation, international collaboration, and an avant-garde ethos, the gallery stakes its claim as a paramount player in the ever-evolving panorama of contemporary art.


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