Fushan Fish Reserve,Beinan Township, Taitung County, Taiwán

The Fushan complex fishery area is located at the foot of the Sugihara Beach in Beinan Township, Taitung County. At the southern tip of Dulan Bay, it is the only bathing beach in Taitung County. It was called the “Sughara Bathing Beach” in the early days. The early fishing resources in the Toyama Sea area are very rich. More than 10 years ago, Excessive fishing will destroy the ecological environment in the sea area. Not only will the fishermen fail to survive, but the value of their amusement will also decrease.

After the announcement in 2005 as a no-fishery area, it became an ecologically rich coastal site in the intertidal zone of the East Coast. Whether it is fish school or coral reefs, it has been preserved in a very complete manner. At the beginning of its establishment, the closed fishing area once caused inconvenience to the fishermen, but with fish With the protection of habitats, there are more and more fish stocks outside the closed fishing areas, and the fish collection has gradually increased steadily.
After the establishment of the Toyama complex fishery area, in addition to attracting local Taiwanese tourists, visitors from Japan, Canada, Korea, and the mainland have also been visited to create sightseeing crowds for the local community; today, the rate of repopulation of marine organisms such as fish, shrimps, and shellfish has grown rapidly. Local business opportunities, residents become eco-narrators and snorkelers; community residents also initiated promotion activities of “Protection of Coastal Resources – Sustainable Development”, such as: parent-child beach treasure hunt, holiday net beach activities, and awareness of ecological teaching. The Sugihara Marine Resource Conservation Association conducts ecological surveys in this area.

Marine, ecological and local community residents, and the interaction between the three urban and rural environments, also form a beautiful Marine Ecological Community, creating values for different levels of marine resources and achieving sustainable development.

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