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British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

The British Embassy in Japan maintains and develops relations between the UK and Japan

Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda, Japan

Opened to the public in 1949, these picturesque gardens were once part of the Imperial Palace.

Chidorigafuchi Green Way, Chiyoda, Japa

Chidorigafuchi-ryokudo Walkway is a walkway with lush greenery that runs for a total of about 700 meters along Chidorigafuchi moat on the west side of the Imperial Palace.

Yasukuni Shrine, Chiyoda, Japan

The origin of Yasukuni Shrine is Shokonsha established at Kudan in Tokyo in the second year of the Meiji era (1869) by the will of the Emperor Meiji.

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, Bunkyo, Japa

Koishikawa-Kōrakuen is a seventeenth-century garden in Koishikawa, Bunkyō, Tokyo. The garden was begun by Mito Yorifusa in 1629.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Garden, Bunkyo, Ja

This garden, built in the 19th century, is a different world. You spend an elegant time here where you can feel as if you aren’t in the city at all.

Rikugien Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

This strolling, mountain and pond-style garden was created based on the theme of Waka poetry in the 15th year of the Genroku Period.

The Railway Museum, Omiya, Japan

The Railway Museum is a great place to visit for families and railway enthusiasts rain or shine.