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Turkmenistán | Azerbaijan Border Crossin

Turkmenistán | Azerbaijan Border Crossing - Turkmenbashi Int Seaport | Baku

Caravan Monument,  Balkanabat, Turkmenis

Caravan Monument is a Monument in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan. A roadside monument in Balkanabat dedica

Mount Arlan, Turkmenistán

Mount Arlan is a 1,880 meter peak on the western plains of Turkmenistan in the Balkan province.

Uly Balkan, Mountain Range, Turkmenistán

The Uly Balkan, also known as the Great Balkan Range is a mountain range in Turkmenistan. The highes

Hasardag Reserve, Turkmenistán

The Syunt Hasardag Reserve fully represents the main landscape and ecological types of the middle el

Lake Köw Ata, Turkmenistán

The Bakharden swimming spot doubles as a home to the largest known colony of bats in Central Asia.