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Ilha de Orango, Guinea-Bissau

Ilha de Orango, Guinea-Bissau Stalk rare, salt-water hippos after visiting the tombs of Bijagós king

Ile de Gorée, Senegal

Early European settlement, historical architecture and meditative calm.

mapMarkerGrey Rue du castel, Dakar, Senegal...

Archaeological Site of Volubilis, Morocc

The ruins of the Roman town of Volubilis are located in a commanding position overlooking a fertile

Geoglyphs, Chile

Geoglyphs, Chile, among archaeology's greatest enigmas because of their quantity, nature, size and c

mapMarkerGrey Camino Al Morro, Arica, Región...

Chavin, Lima, Peru

Chavin, Lima, Peru earliest and best-known pre-Columbian archaeological sites

mapMarkerGrey Chavin, Distrito de Lima, Peru...

Caral, Peru

Caral, Peru a 5000-year-old 626-hectare archaeological site of The Sacred City of Caral-Supe

Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo, Peru. The behemoth Chimu capital of Chan Chan is nearby,so a perfect stop over.

mapMarkerGrey Lavoisier 222, Trujillo 13006,...