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Filyos Castle, Çaycuma, Zonguldak, Turke

The Filyos ancient city, where the Filyos River was cast into the Black Sea, was known by the name B

Gokgol Magarasi, Zonguldak, Turkey

Turkey's longest cave, which is 10 Zonguldak Gökgöl Cave is the longest cave 2. The total length of

Danaagz Natural Park, Ereğli,  Zonguldak

The 57 hectare area in Tanaören Village of Zonguldak, Ereğli province, at the Danaağzı Mevkii with e

Cehennemagzi Caves, Ereğli,  Zonguldak,

Ancient caves with an underground lake, believed to be where Hercules fought the hound of Hades.