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Beigang Bridge, Beigang Township, Yunlin

The Beigang Tourist Bridge is a bridge in Liujiao Township, Chiayi County and Beigang Township, Yunl

Beigang Old Street, Beigang Township, Yu

The Beigang temple is at one end and the beigang bridge is at the other end. The street sells a lot

Beigang Chaotian Temple, Beigang Townshi

The Chaotian or Chaotien Temple, officially the Chao-Tian Temple, is a temple to the Chinese sea-god

Santiaolun Haiqing Temple, Sihu Township

The Santiaolun Haiqing Temple is very large. Its main god is Bao Zheng, also known as Bao Gong.

Hu Wei Bridge, Huwei Township, Yunlin Co

This historic steel railroad bridges features an attached pedestrian walkway with panoramic views.

Yunlin Story House, Huwei Township, Yunl

The Yunlin Story House is a historic building in Huwei Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan.

Yunlin Puppet Theatre Museum, Huwei Town

As glove puppetry is a popular art form in Taiwan, you need to make your way to the Yunlin Glove Pup

Huwei Tianhou Temple, Huwei Township, Yu

The oldest district in the modern metropolis of Taipei goes by many names - To some it is “Bangka” (