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Abakh Hoja Tomb Kashi, Prefectura de Kas

This mausoleum is the most exquisite example of Islamic architecture in Xinjiang, China.

Ancient City of Jiaohe, Sinkiang, China

One of the world's architectural wonders hides in Yarnaz Valley, 10 kilometers west of Turpan.

Xinjiang Museum to see Tamin Mummies, Xi

Xinjiang Regional Museum is a large integrated museum and a study on cultural relics in Xinjiang.

Tianshan Tianchi Lake, Changji, China

Tianchi Lake, or Tianshan Tianchi Lake, or some people prefer Heavenly Lake, is located at the hill

Mori Forrest, Changji, Xinjiang, China

Mori Forest of Diversiform-leaved Poplars is a tenacious ancient species, can be found at the south

Koktokay Scenic Spot , Xinjiang, China

Koktokay Scenic Spot is an ideal place for sightseeing, vacationing, hiking, photographing and scien

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Weiwuerzizhiqu, Chi

Kanas Lake is China's deepest freshwater lake famous for its picturesque view, and home to 798 speci

Xinjiang Kanas National Geopark, Xinjian

With its alpine ice lakes, grassy marshlands, scenic villages, and evergreen forests, Xinjiang Kanas