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Borodins’ Blacksmith Shop, Alexand

The master courses at Borodin’s Blacksmith Shop are fun, and new students will make some cool souven

Golden Gate, Vladimir, Vladimirskaya obl

The Golden Gate of Vladimir, constructed between 1158 and 1164, is the only preserved ancient Russia

Vladimir Museum, Vladimir, Vladimirskaya

The Vladimir-Suzdal History, Architecture and Art Museum and Reserve is one of the first museums of

Old Vladimir Museum, Vladimir, Vladimirs

The museum «Old Vladimir» is located in the former building of the water tower near the Golden Gate.

Spoon Museum, Vladimir, Vladimirskaya ob

The traditional crafts museum exhibits tableware for the White House, Windsor dynasty’s coronation s

Alexandrovskaya Sloboda, Aleksandrov, Al

Alexandrovskaya Sloboda used to be the royal residence under the tsar Ivan the Terrible in mid 16th

The Convent of the Intercession Pokrovsk

The Intercession (Pokrovsky) Monastery was founded in 1364, but from this initial period, practicall

Muromtzevo Castle, Vladimir Oblast, Russ

According to the legend Russian hussar colonel Vladimir Khrapovitsky had a bet with his friends that