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Goat Museum, Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia

The Goat Museum took part in Tver fairs and exhibitions, but has had no permanent exposition and loc

Alexandr Golod Pyramid, Tver Oblast, Rus

Dr. Golod, a Moscow-based scientist and defense engineer, began building his mysterious pyramids in

Monument to Mikhail Krug, Tver, Tver Obl

Mikhail Krug Monument stands dedicated to one of the city's and the nation's singers. Mikhail Krug w

Ostashkov Museum of Local Lore, Ostashko

The Museum of Local Lore in Ostashkov is located in the old church building, and this is perhaps the

Tryokhsvyatskaya St, Tver, Tver Oblast,

It is quite nice to walk across this street. Not very special, but good for walking. also You can fi

Nilov Monastery, Stolobny Island, Tver O

Stolobny Island is an island on Lake Seliger in the Tver Oblast of Russia, about 10 km north of the

Monument to Prince Mikhail Tversky, Tver

Monument of Prince Michael Tversky or Michael of Tver is dedicated to one of the most famous leaders