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Lake Yuno, Tochigi, Japan

Lake Yunoko is a small lake located just north of Senjogahara marsh. And it is located about 6 km no

Risshaku-ji Temple, Yamagata, Japan

Yamadera is a Buddhist temple of Tendai sect located about 12 km northeast of central Yamagata city

Chinoike Jigoku Red Hot Spring, Beppu, J

“Chinoike Jigoku” is one of the hot spring included in the “Jigoku Meguri” tour, in which you can en

Nikka Whisky Sendai Factory, Miyagi, Jap

The Japanese as people are too often over generalized and stereotyped as being a people that think a

Kinugawa Onsen, Tochigi, Japan

Kinugawa Onsen is a popular hot spring resort town along the Kinugawa River in Tochigi Prefecture.

Zuihoden, Sendai, Japan

Zuihoden, in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture is the mausoleum of the powerful daimyo, Masamune Date.

Ouchijuku Historic Site, Shimogo-machi,

Ōuchi-juku was a small post station in Japan's Edo period and part of the Aizu Nishi Kaidō.

Sunmall Ichibancho, Sendai, Japan

A few restaurants, shops, and a McDonald's. But you really go here to see two really cool postwar st