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Baling Bridge, Fuxing District, Taoyuan

Baling Bridge is like a pink ribbon tied on each bank of the Dahan River that takes passengers to th

Lala Mountain Nature Reserve Fuxing Dist

The original name of Daguan Mountain was Lala Mountain. Its location is at the border between Fuxin

Shihmen Dam, Daxi District, Taoyuan City

Located in Longtan Town close to Daxi and Fuxing towns of Taoyuan County, Shihmen Reservoir is one o

Houchi Bridge, Longtan District, Taoyuan

In the old days, the Tamsui River was navigable all the way inland to Daxi. The dock was where the o

Shimen Shuiku Scenic Area, Daxi District

Popular waterfront recreation area with biking & walking trails, boating & camping areas.

Daxi Tea Factory, Daxi District, Taoyuan

Nestled in the mountains of Taoyuan county is the old Daxi Tea Factory.

Xiaowulai Skywalk, Fuxing District, Taoy

Visitors can walk on this tempered glass platform for scenic views, including Xiao Wulai Waterfall.

Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation A

Mountainous terrain attracts hikers to this wooded oasis with waterfalls, views & fossil beds.