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Centre of Culture, Taitung City, Taitung

Taitung's old name was “Douzang,” meaning “the place where the Puyuma and Amis live.

Jiaming Lake Haiduan, Haiduan Township,

Jiaming Lake, located in Haiduan Township, Taitung County, is the second highest lake in Taiwan.

Lisong Hot Springs, Haiduan Township, Ta

At the base of a deep river valley, aeons of mineral deposits have painted a small limestone grotto

Mo Tien Hill, Haiduan Township, Taitung

Motianlingyuan is famous for its primitive forests, but it has been gradually cut into high-cold veg

Liu Kou Hot Spring, Haiduan Township, Ta

The Liukuo Hot Spring is located next to 184.5K, Nanheng Cross-island Highway, Haiduan Township, Tai

Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree, Chishang Townshi

The Takeshi Kaneshiro tree is the most popular tourist destination in Taitung County during the Luna

Brown Boulevard, Chishang Township, Tait

A small country avenue in Chihshang Township of Taitung County becomes widely popular due to a comme

Sixty Stone Mountain, Fuli Township, Hua

A trip away from urban Taiwan is not complete without a stop at Sixty Rock Mountain.