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Sinop Castle, Sinop, Turkey

Sinop city walls completely enclose the narrowest part of the half island. The north walls are 1,800

Sinop Fortress Prison, Merkez, Sinop, Tu

Historical Sinop Closed Prison is also known as "Alkatrazi" of Anatolia for a period and closed in 1

Sinop Archeology Museum, Merkez, Sinop,

Highlights of this excellent museum include the fabulous Meydankapı mosaic from the 4th century AD,

Sinope, Turkey

Charming and cosmopolitan Sinop is both the most northerly point on the Turkish Black Sea Coast and

Sinop Prison, Sinop Merkez, Sinop, Turke

Located within a historic fortress in the city of Sinop, the Sinop Prison has a long story that goes

The Inceburun, Sinop, Turkey

İnceburun Lighthouse is an active lighthouse on the Black Sea coast in Sinop Province, Turkey.