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Figuig Oasis,  Oriental, Morocco

Figuig is a town in eastern Morocco near the Atlas Mountains, on the border with Algeria.

Medina, Oujda, Oriental Region, Morocco

Oujda’s medina isn’t large, but the walls and several surrounding squares have been rebuilt.

Morocco Market Square, Oujda, Oriental R

On one side of the square stands a traditional North African market, or souk, selling food, spices,

Saidia beach, Saïdia, Oriental Region, M

Situated as close to the Algerian border as possible in northern Morocco, Saidia is an idyllic town

Marina Saidia, Oriental Region, Morocco

The Marina of Saïdia offers a fairway area of 20.000 m², 100ft travelift, accepting boats with maste

Al Halg, Saidia, Oriental Region, Morocc

Saïdia, known as the "Blue Pearl", is a beach in Berkane, Morocco. It is located in the province Ber

Réserve Naturelle de l’Emouchure M

The estuary of Oued Moulouya is a wet region, home to a hundred migratory birds.