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Kirkeporten in Skarsvåg, Finnmark, Norwa

This rock formation is a geological wonder; a fissure several metres wide in a cliff overhang shaped

North Cape, Finnmark, Norway

North Cape is a cape on the northern coast of the island of Magerøya in Northern Norway.

Oskar II’s Chapel, Kirknes, Finnma

A sentinel overlooking the Barents Sea, the King Oscar II Chapel beckons travelers—including our fam

Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Finnmark, Norway

At this snow and ice hotel you may order several types of activities; trip with a husky dog team, sn

Varanger Museum IKS avd Sør-Varanger, Ki

The museum was established in 1964, and the first building belonging to the museum was Bjørklund far

Soviet Liberation Monument, Kirknes, Fin

Erected in honour of the Red army which liberated Kirkenes in 1944.

Ekkerøy Coastal Fort, Vadso, Finnmark, N

Ekkerøy is a pleasant place to relax in the far northeast of Norway. Visit Norway's most accessible