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Shifen Waterfall, Taipei City, Pingxi Di

Shifen is well known for the Shifen Waterfall (十分大瀑布), a 40 metre tall waterfall that creates a rain

International Sand Sculpture Art Festiva

Described as the largest sand sculpture event in the world, the International Sand Sculpture Festiva

Bitoujiao Scenic Area, Ruifang District,

Magnificent scenery of Taiwan’s northeast coast was one of the first places I visited on arriving in

Bitoujiao Lighthouse, Ruifang District,

Bitou Cape is one of the Three Capes of North Taiwan, the other two being Fugui Cape, the island's n

Bitoujiiao, Ruifang District, New Taipei

The trail is of moderate difficulty and around 3 km. The place is quite scenic. The view East China

Nanya Rock, Ruifang District, New Taipei

The northernmost tourist site in the scenic area, Nanya is noted for its fantastic rock formations a

Yinyanghai, Ruifang District, New Taipei

What a strange scene – a bay where the sea is a mix of yellow and blue! This is Yin Yang Sea, locate

Golden Waterfall, Ruifang District, New

Golden Falls is a colorful waterfall in New Taipei City, Ruifang District, not far from Jiufen Villa