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Fairy Circles of Marienfluss Valley, Nam

Fairy circles are round, bare patches in the dry grassland that are characterized by an extremely or

Brandberg White Lady Cave Painting, Eron

The Lady in White is a set of cave paintings located in a cave on the Brandberg Mountain, located in

Epupa Falls, Namibia

The Epupa falls are waterfalls of southern Africa, located on the Cunene River, on the border betwee

Cape Cross, Namibia

Cape Cross Seal Reserve is another absolute favorite from Namibia. Hundreds of thousands of seals, a

Viewpoint to Ruacana Falls, Namibia

Ruacana Falls are waterfalls located near Ruacana on the Kunene River in northern Namibia.

Spitzkoppe, Namibia

The Spitzkoppe is one of the most photographed mountain motifs of Namibia.

Moon Landscape, Namibia

The 'Moon Landscape' is easily reached, inland of Swakopmund, and can be combined in a round trip wi