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Maputo International Airport, Maputo, Mo

Maputo International Airport is a Mozambique Airport located in Maputo.

Museu dos CFM, Maputo, Mozambique

The CFM Museum, inaugurated on June 11, 2015, is headquartered at the Central Station of the Railway

Maputo Railway Station, Mozambique

Maputo’s landmark train station is one of the city’s most imposing buildings.

Municipal Market, Maputo, Mozambique

Take an early morning trip to the Municipal Market where you will find a large variety of spices, ve

Moeda Museum, Maputo, Mozambique

Museum in a 1700s house exhibiting several centuries' worth of local tokens, coins & banknotes.

Fortress of Maputo, Mozambique

Historic site of an early-18th-century fort, now a museum with a cavalry officer's statue.

Ferro House, Maputo, Mozambique

This iconic prefabricated building was imported from Belgium in 1892 to house the governor-general.