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Shobak Castle, De Ma’an Governorat

Montreal is a Crusader castle on the eastern side of the Arabah, perched on the side of a rocky, con

Lion Triclinium, De Ma’an Governor

The Lion Triclinium, located in a narrow side canyon on the ascent to Petra's famed Monastery build

Mousa’s Spring, De Ma’an Gov

Moses' Spring is one of two possible locations in Jordan for the site where Moses supposedly struck

Deir, De Ma’an Governorate, Jordan

The most popular tourist attraction in Ma’an Governorate is Petra, the ruins of a Nabataean city.

Petra Visitor Center, De Ma’an Gov

The city of Petra, capital of the Nabataean Arabs, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in

Temple of Dushares, De Ma’an Gover

Qasr el-Bint, the temple of Dushares, has the largest facade in Petra — 4 m wider than the Khazneh a

Bab al-Siq, De Ma’an Governorate,

Bab Al Siq’ is Arabic for gateway to the ‘siq’. Here you will see three massive Djinn blocks, which

Al-Siq, Wadi Musa, De Ma’an Govern

The trail starts at the Visitor Center near the Mujib Bridge, where you will take the cantilevered w