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Mousa’s Spring, De Ma’an Gov

Moses' Spring is one of two possible locations in Jordan for the site where Moses supposedly struck

Temple of Dushares, De Ma’an Gover

Qasr el-Bint, the temple of Dushares, has the largest facade in Petra — 4 m wider than the Khazneh a

Deir, De Ma’an Governorate, Jordan

The most popular tourist attraction in Ma’an Governorate is Petra, the ruins of a Nabataean city.

Lion Triclinium, De Ma’an Governor

The Lion Triclinium, located in a narrow side canyon on the ascent to Petra's famed Monastery build

Petra Museum, De Ma’an Governorate

It contains 280 artifacts, dating back to different ages, the exhibition consists of five halls show

Ridge Church, Gobernación De Ma’an

The Ridge Church had a commanding position, with a 360-degree view of the central city, atop the nor

Byzantine Church, Petra, De Ma’an

The triple basilica, measuring about 26 by 15 meters, with three apses to the east and three entranc

Winged Lion Temple, Gobernación De Ma

The temple was revealed by an electronic sounding in 1973, and since 1974 excavation at the Temple o