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The Lowest Point on Earth Museum, Gobern

Near the start of the climb up to Lot's Cave is the literally titled Lowest Point on Earth Museum.

Reserva de la biosfera de Dana, Tafilah

Dana Biosphere Reserve is an area of staggering beauty, history, and biodiversity.

Dead Sea View point, Gobernacion De Kara

“Dead Sea viewpoint” Not only the lowest spot on earth, but also the saltiest and most mineral-laden

Feynan Ecolodge, Ma’an Governorate

When architect Ammar Khammash was invited to design Jordan’s first ecolodge, he did so using the des

Qusair Amra, De Zarka, Governorate, Jord

Quseir Amra is a cultural stop 70 minutes east of Amman. The preserved 8th Century desert castle bui

Wadi al Mujib, De Karak Governorate, Jor

Jordan’s famous self-guided hike sight, Wadi Mujib is a spectacular narrow canyon and river leading

Mujib Dam, De Karak Governorate, Jordan

The Mujib Dam is located in the Wadi Al Mujib, south of Madaba and north of Al Karak. The Al Mujib d

Malaqi Trail, Wadi al Mujib, De Karak Go

This water trail starts at the Visitor Center and leads quickly to white hills made of soft rock dep