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Suhua Highway, Xiulin Township, Hualien

The Suhua Highway is one of the most scenic drives in Asia. The road hugs the cliffs of Taiwan's eas

Qimei Rafting Rest Stop, Ruisui Township

The Amis aborigine village of Qimei cuts the rafting section of the river roughly in half. During th

Taroko National Park Boundary Marker, Xi

Taroko National Park is located at the eastern starting point of the Central Cross-Island Highway.

Fuyuan National Forest Recreation Area, 

Fuyuan National Forest Recreation Area is a forest in Fuyuan Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien Count

Ch’ing-shui Cliff, Xiulin Township

Qingshui Cliff is a 21 kilometer length of coastal cliffs averaging 800 meters above sea level in Xi

Danongdafu Forest Park, Guangfu Township

The “Dongdadu Fupingdi Forest Park” is located in Guangfu Township, Hualien County, in the East Rift

Large Water Recreation Area, Xiulin Town

Good place for sightseeing Very beautiful scenery Very nice wheather And quite a lot food stall near

Qixing Lake Binhai Bicycle Road, Xinchen

The bicycle trail around Qixing Lake but is actually on the ocean side. Lake was filled up many year