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Kakoulima Forrest, Guinea

Nimba National Forest is a national forest in Nimba County, Liberia. The forest, which borders Guniea and Côte d'Ivoire.

Soumba Bay, Guinea

The site is special. Conakry is not far away, a beautiful place. Water is clean and you can swim there.

Conakry, Guinea

Conakry is the capital of Guinea, a country in West Africa. The city sits on the slender Kaloum Peninsula, which extends into the Atlantic Ocean.

Petit Musée, Conakry, Guinea

A remarkable and unique place for a course that is no less. After a break for renovation in early 2016, activities resumed after the rainy season.

Grand Mosque of Conakry, Guinea

The Conakry Grand Mosque is a mosque in Conakry, Guinea, located east of the Conakry Botanical Garden and beside the Donka Hospital.

MLS Lounge Bar, Conakry, Guinea

This very chic place is in a league of its own, subtly styled in polished wood, soft fabrics, spotlighting and handmade furniture.

National Museum of Guinea, Conakry, Gui

The National Museum holds a remarkable collection of artifacts, statutes, masks, ancient musical instruments.

Center Culturel Franco Guinéen, Conakr

French cultural centres in Africa usually put on diverse and exciting events, art-house films, world music concerts and exhibitions, and this one is no exception.