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Varanger Museum IKS avd Sør-Varanger, Ki

The museum was established in 1964, and the first building belonging to the museum was Bjørklund far

Soviet Liberation Monument, Kirknes, Fin

Erected in honour of the Red army which liberated Kirkenes in 1944.

Ekkerøy Coastal Fort, Vadso, Finnmark, N

Ekkerøy is a pleasant place to relax in the far northeast of Norway. Visit Norway's most accessible

Vardøhus Fortress, Vardo, Finnmark, Norw

Vardøhus Fortress is located in Vardø Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway.

Hamningberg Old Fishing Village, Vardo,

Hamningberg is located in the very north-east of Norway, on the shores of the Barents Sea and almost

Sami Parliament of Norway, Karasjok, Fin

The Sami Parliament of Norway was opened in 1989 and the seat is in Karasjok in Finnmark.

North Cape Tourist Information, Finnmark

Imagine a place in the far north, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean and their frigid w

Seadog Bamse Statue, Honningsvåg, Finnma

On Friday the 19th of June the statue of the sea dog Bamse was unveiled outside the entrance to the