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Amba Matara, Eritrea

Matara is an archaeological site in Eritrea. Situated a few kilometers south of Senafe, it was a maj

Dahlak Kebir, Eritrea

Dahlak Kebir is the largest island of the Dahlak Archipelago. Situated in the Red Sea off of the coa

Nakura Island, Eritrea

Nakura or Nokra is an Eritrean island in the Dahlak Archipelago situated west of Dahlak Kebir. Nakur

Madote Island, Eritrea

Madote is a island and is located in Semēnawī Kʼeyih Bahrī, Eritrea. The estimate terrain elevation

Disei Island, Eritrea

It is the only mountainous island of the Dahlak Archipelago, made of gneiss and other crystalline ro

Imperial Palace, Mitsiwa, Eritrea

Overlooking the harbour just north of the gates of the Dahlak Hotel is the Imperial Palace, the orig

Massawa, Eritrea

Massawa was once the largest and safest port on the east coast of Africa but suffered terrible damag

Gulf of Zula, Eritrea

The Gulf of Zula, also known as Annesley Bay, Baia di Arafali or Zula Bahir Selat’ē, is a body of wa