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Xiaoliyuanshan Lookout, Alishan Township

The highest and most beautiful scenery in the Alishan Forest Park! You can see the beautiful sunrise

Giant Cypress, Alishan Township, Chiayi

Giant Tree Trail is the most acclaimed highlight of Alishan, where the millennia-old trees like cypr

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area,

Alishan National Scenic Area is in central Taiwan. It's dominated by the Alishan Mountains, which fe

Forest Railway/ Alishan Station, Alishan

The five wonders of Alishan include the railway, the forest, the sea of clouds, the sunrise and the

Jiemei (Sister) Lakes,  Alishan Township

The lakes are two high mountain lakes, one large and one small. It is said that two aboriginal girls

Sacred Tree Station, Alishan Township, C

Shenmu Station or Sacred Tree is a railway station on the Taiwan Railways Administration Alishan For

Dadongshan Lookout, Alishan Township, Ch

The Fenqi Lake Dadongshan Trail has three feeders connected to the main line. Among them, the A line

Tefuye Historic Trail, Alishan Township,

Tefuye has an elevation of 800-100 meters. It is a large village but, compared to Dabang, it is qui