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Mount Iraya, Basco, Luzen, Philippines

Mount Iraya, is an active volcano on Batan Island and the highest point in the province of Batanes,

mapMarkerGrey Songsong Iraya Road, Basco, Ba...

Valugan Boulder Beach, Basco Island, Luz

It’s a masterpiece created by the elements. In 400 AD, Mt. Iraya erupted and scattered andesite rock

mapMarkerGrey Contra Costa Rd, Basco, Batane...

Batanes Island Protected Area, Luzon, Ph

Batanes Island is a place that you will never forget; a place so mystical, so mesmerizing that going

mapMarkerGrey Abad St, Basco, Batanes, Phili...

Basco Lighthouse, Basco, Philippines

Basco Lighthouse is a lighthouse in the town of Basco in Batanes, the northernmost province in the P

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Basco Airport,  Batanes, Philippines

Basco Airport is an airport serving the province of Batanes in the Philippines. It is located in the

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