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Ulukaya Falls and Canyon, Alıçlı Köyü, U

The waterfall can be reached after 10 miles from the town Ulus to Pınarbaşı.

Amasra Villiage, Bartın, Turkey

Amasra is a small Black Sea port town in the Bartın Province, Turkey, formerly known as Amastris.

Mendirek, Amasra, Bartın, Turkey

It is one of the highest spots on the Black Sea Coast which displays unimaginable, fascinating beaut

Cekiciler CarsIsI Market, Amasra, Bartin

On a narrow street there are a lot of small shops and almost the same things are sold.

Amasra Castle, Amasra, Bartın, Turkey

A mixed Roman/Byzantine/Genoese effort, Amasra's citadel occupies the two districts straddling the p

Amasra Museum, Amasra, Bartın, Turkey

Amasra Museum is a museum in Amasra district of Bartın Province, northwestern Turkey. Established in

İnkumu Beach, Bartın, Turkey

Located 9 miles on the northwest of city centre, it has a length of 2 miles.