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Mshkavank Monastery, Armenia

Mshkavank is 13c. Armenian monastery complex, which is located close to the Koghb village, on a high

Kirants Monastery, Armenia

Kirants Monastery was built in the 13th century. The cross-domed main church is built of baked brick

Makaravank Monastery Complex, Armenia

Makaravank is a tenth to thirteenth century church complex in Achajur Village of Tavush Marz, on the

Aragats Alpine State Sanctuary, Armenia

Stunning nature and amazing views especially if you climb up to the Southern peak of Aragats.

Lake Kari, Armenia

Lake Kari is a lake in Armenia located in the slopes of Mount Aragats mostly formed by ice and snow.

Akhtala Monastery, Armenia

Akhtala Monastery is one of the unique monuments of Christian history in the Caucasus.

Amberd, Armenia

The Amberd Fortress is located 4 miles from the village of Byurakan. The fortress was founded in the