Waian Fishing Harbor, Xiyu Township, Penghu County, Taiwán

Waiyue Village is located on the south side of Xiyu Township, and on the north lies Nei Village. It has a natural barrier and is less vulnerable to the northeast monsoon.

Outer Village is the most populous community in Xiyu Township; due to the small hinterland of the Outer Village, the building is built on the basis of potential and built by the Bohai Sea. The appearance is magnificent and gorgeous, with distinctive features.

Because of the topography, Wailuo Village is very suitable for fishery development. There are many fishing ports and fishing boats (the number of fishing boats in the village ranks first in Luhu Lake). Fisheries become the households that most residents rely on for their livelihood. Outer fishing port, belonging to the second type of fishing port, is close to the return fishing grounds in the Strait, and has strong fishing activities. In the selection of the “Top 10 Glamorous Fishing Ports in China” of the Fisheries Department in 2011, it was listed among the top ten attractive fishing port cultural associations, both day and night. A completely different style and harbor imagery.

Residents here believe in Taoism. Wenwang Temple is the center of the belief in Waiyue Village. The temple houses the prince of Wenfu and the other gods are patrolling the five houses in the sky: Zheng, Hu, Jiang, Ke and Li. On the one side there is the Buddhist Temple of Mercy, the Lord Goddess of Mercy Buddha.

The Outer Village organizes Lantern Festival festivals, riddles and riddles, and blessing activities around the border. The ships gather at the outskirts fishing port at night, and the Kyrgyzstan time arrives. The fishing lights are bright and the fishing lights are lit. The outer night sky is photographed. As bright as day, many tourists are always attracted to participate in the event.

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