The Bottrop Tetrahedron is one of the most visited attractions in North Rhine-Westphalia . It is a three-sided pyramid made of steel . With an edge length of 60 meters, the sculpture is huge . There is space for 3 large viewing platforms in the tetrahedron . They are mounted in a steel frame and remind me of a special climbing tower at a children’s playground. In the case of Bottrop, however, this is not a play tower for children, but rather a full-fledged observation tower for adults – and children – due to its size. Visitors climb into the pyramid and up via a staircase. From the tetrahedron you have one of the best views over the Ruhr area . It is one of the highest viewing points in North Rhine-Westphalia. Officially it is called the Halden Event Emscherblick , but that is probably only what the officials in the city administration call it. For the people of Bottrop it is simply the tetrahedron . At night it is visible far beyond Bottrop thanks to its special lighting . This work of art was created in 1994 . It was the first monument on a dump and marked the start of dump tourism in the Ruhr area.

The Prosper mine was in operation right in the city of Bottrop . Hard coal was mined. From 1969 to 1993, what was left over as unusable material was deposited on the meadows and fields of the time. This is how the dump on Beckstrasse was created on a 33 hectare area . The heap grew with the waste rock (that’s what the miners call the useless rock), creating a 70 meter high mountain in the city. Since the waste rock is separated from the coal by washing, it is also referred to as washing mountains. After mining stopped, the Beckstrasse dump was landscaped and officially opened to the public.

In order to develop an attractive local recreation area in the city, an attraction was planned at the summit. Finally, at 114 meters high, the summit of the dump is one of the highest viewing points in the Ruhr area. The Emscher Park International Building Exhibition came at just the right time. This was a billion-dollar investment program for the Ruhr area to guide the region’s change. From 1989 to 1999, the state invested around 1.5 billion euros in making the Ruhr area more attractive. Additional money flowed from companies and private donors. So there was money. This is how the landmark on the dump in Bottrop became possible. The architect and urban planner Wolfgang Christ designed the extraordinary pyramid in collaboration with the technician Klaus Bollinger. The monument was built by the Rüter company from Dortmund. The city of Bottrop made history. The date of the official opening was specially set for the day of German unity. This newest attraction in the city has been around since October 3rd, 1995 . It was the first staging of a dump in the Ruhr area with a building.

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