Karatepe Aslantas Open Air Museum, Kadirli, Osmaniye, Turkey 

Karatepe-Aslantaş, Osmaniye province, on the borders of Kadirli county BC. It was founded as Asativadaya by the Asativatas, who introduced itself as the ruler of the Adana province in the Late Hittite Period, as a border fortress against the savage tribes in the north.

To the west of Kalenin is a caravan road leading to the Central Anatolian highland from the southern plains, and Ceyhan River (historical Pyramos) to the east and Aslantaş Dam Lake today. Two T-shaped monumental two-door buildings equipped with high towers were opening into the castle. Between the two towers, a monumental wooden door that revolves in spindle bases, behind a bridge and an open top, entered a scenery, two side rooms next to it, and also a fortress. On the inside of the south-west door building was the statue of the God of the Storm on the double bullwale of the sanctuary.

The interior walls of the door buildings are equipped with lions, sphinxes, inscriptions, and embroidered wall coverings that show the faith and living of the day. The longest bilingual text in Phoenician and Hieroglyphic (Lucva) writing systems, known to date, has been worked on a holy sculpture on the occasion of a two third door of Phoenician and a third.

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