Hot Springs, Hammam Debagh, Algeria 

Hamman Maskhoutine, is also called “bath of the damned” is a thermal complex and commune located in Hammam Debagh, of Guelma Province, Algeria. The dramatic, multicolored travertine walls of the spring have attracted thousands of visitors since the era of the Roman Empire. The bath facilities installed by the Romans at the spring can still be used today.

Hammam Maskhoutine is also used to refer to the hot springs and the legend that named the town. Hammam Dbegh is the official name of the town itself, and Hammam Chellala is the name of the thermal complex and cascade. During the Roman occupation, the town was called Aquae Thiblitanae, due to its proximity to Thibilis.

The amazing Hammam Meskhoutine hot springs have formed numerous amazing travertine formations including approximately 30 m tall mound with beautiful rimstone pools and petrified waterfalls. Most impressive group of powerful springs mound flow Travertine for most part is bright white but there are several places where the iron compounds and microorganisms have colored the travertine in various shades of red, orange and brown.

Interesting formations are also several travertine trenches surrounded by walls have been formed by lime-rich thermal water flowing towards the river and precipitating the lime along its way. Some smaller ones are still “active” – with thermal water flowing through them. Some are older and “abandoned” by water, dry and crumbling.

Epic Algeria Culture & Adventure Route © Monika Newbound

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